Apple Desserts

Bacon and Scrapple

Beef Roasts

Lebanon Bologna

Bolognas and Football

Custards and Crumb Desserts

Fruit Butters

Smoked Hams

Head Cheese

Kielbasa and Ring Bologna

Pickled Meats

Scrapple and Puddings

Smoked Pork Chops

Whoopie Pies

Our Farm To You!

Dietrich’s has what you need for your celebration

  • Fill your menu with an assortment of our homemade and scrumptious BRATWURST, KNOCKWURST, CHEESE DOGS

    Perhaps you will decide to top some of them with our delicious sauerkraut!
    Fresh, skin-on PORK SHANKS to roast for Schweinshaxen and SMOKED PORK CHOPS to simply heat and serve for Kassler rippchen await you at Dietrich’s for a real treat!

    Don’t forget to crank up the music, serve the pretzels, and tap the beer to compliment your festivities…
    and most of all - have fun!