Fresh Rendered Lard


Dietrich’s has the secret ingredient that will send your homemade pies, cookies and breads over the top! Lard is well known for making the most flavorful, flaky pie crust. It is also superb to make raw-fried potatoes, tamales and so much more! Simply substitute lard for shortening.

  • Fresh Rendered Lard

    Fresh Rendered Lard

  • Pie Dough Recipe:

    2 ¼ Cup Sifted All-Purpose Flour
    Pinch of Salt
    ½ Cup Lard
    5 Tablespoon Cold Water

    Sift flour and salt together. Add half of lard and cut in until mixture is as fine as meal. Add remaining lard and continue cutting until particles are size of a large pea. Sprinkle water gradually over mixture. Work lightly into dough. Add just enough water to moisten.